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10 Rappers – 10 Things We Need Them To Do!

by Hip Hop Music on 06/29/2011

Tweet We took time to compile a list of 10 of hip hop’s most beloved rappers and made some what of a wish list of things we would like them to do.  Check it out below.   Dr. Dre — Once and for all Dr. Dre, we need you to finally drop Detox.  We’re tired […]


Tweet Stupidity has taken the soul of another entertainer.  Stupidity’s latest victim: Lupe Fiasco.  Lupe Fiasco has always been known to speak his mind and spit a nice flow with a positive vibe.  That’s always been some of the things that made Fiasco unique. Today on CBS’ What’s Trending, Lupe scratched plenty of heads when […]

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Fabolous Upsets 50 cent With His Opinion

Tweet Okay, you have to admit all the beef going around in hip hop is getting a bit tired.  Everywhere you look some rapper don’t like this rapper, and this rapper don’t like that rapper.  I mean, these guys are beefing with each other more than they make music. And there is definitely a shortage […]


Is Eminem Really Obsessed?

Tweet Ok, Eminem shot back at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon with his “Warning” diss track.  It was hot.  The track went straight for Mimi’s jugular, but lets stop for  a minute and analyze what’s really going on here. Slim Shady tells Mariah to “Shut the F— up before he puts all the phone calls […]


Does Jay-Z Have The Right to Diss The Auto-Tune?

by Rod Cornelius on 07/06/2009

Jay-Z Plans To Kill The Auto-Tune

By now everyone knows Jay-Z doesn’t like the use of the auto-tune in hip hop. He’s dissing the use of it hard in his new single Death of Auto-tune. His primary argument against the use of auto-tune is that it’s being overdone and unoriginal.

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Is Eminem Overrated?

by Hip Hop Music on 07/06/2009

Is Eminem Overrated?

Vibe and Irv Gotti has sparked much debate the past couple of weeks about who is hip hop’s greatest of all time. If you travel to the suburbs the answer would be really simple: Slim Shady. If you were to stroll through the hood you’d get a jambalayla of different MC’s from Nas to Jay-Z and from Big to Pac.


Was Nick Cannon Wrong For Calling Out Eminem?

by Hip Hop Music on 05/17/2009

Nick And Carey

It has made headlines all over the web, Nick Cannon calling out Eminem for dissing him and his wife Mariah Carey on his new cd Relapse. Some of the song lyrics are as follows:


Ja Rule Is Resting In Peace Somewhere But It Aint Because of 50

Over the last couple of months we’ve had the luxury of observing the 50 cent versus Rick Ross rap beef. 50 Cent has thrown everything at Rick Ross from a sex tape with Rick Ross’ baby momma to super funny comics and videos depicting his nemesis.