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    E-40 Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil Album Covers Released!

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    With E-40’s March 26th release of his massive album Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soul Volume 1, 2, 3 just a week away from being released, the veteran rappers album cover has leaked on the net. Block Brochure features 60 brand new tracks with 3 [...]

    Big Daddy – Heavy D – Hip Hop Flashback

    Hip Hop Culture Hip Hop Flashback

    Today’s hip hop flashback is honor of the late great hip hop artist, Heavy D. No, Heavy D didn’t rap about hurting or killing nobody, he just made that feel good music that a lot of the hip hop i culture is missing these days.  [...]

    Xzibit talks Pimp My Ride and New Album

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    Xzibit sat down with Tim Westwood and talked about releasing a new album and Pimp My Ride.  Although Xzibit seemed a little annoyed by Westwood bringing up his Pimp My Ride days Xzibit did answer his questions until he couldn’t take it anymore. also released [...]

    Amber Rose Calls Out Funk Master Flex on Hot 97

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    Wiz Khalifa’s main squeeze, Amber Rose, had some very choice words for Funkmaster Flex on his home turf at Hot 97 studios.  Amber Rose appeared on the Hot 97 morning show and not only did she say she hated Funkmaster Flex, but Rose called the [...]

    It Will Rain – Bruno Mars – New Music, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

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    Here’s the full version of Bruno Mars latest track It Will Rain.  It Will Rain will be featured in the upcoming movie Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.  It Will Rain can be purchased now on iTunes.  Listen below.

    The Frankie Leg Teaser – Keyshia Cole’s Mom New Dance Song

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    Keyshia Cole’s mother continues to gather sighs and shake heads worldwide with the next stunt.  Poor Keyshia Cole.  The Frankie Leg is coming, and there’s nothing anyone in the hip hop world can do about it.  Check out this teaser from Keyshia Cole’s notorious Mom, [...]

    Backstage of The Rolling Papers Tour with Wiz Khalifah

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    Here’s some footage from allhiphop with Wiz Khalifah on the Puff Bus at The Rolling Papers Tour.  Wiz Khalifah’s first stop is in the ATL and Wiz talks about being on tour and hitting the mainstream.

    Ice Cube Reveals How He Discovered Hip Hop – Behind The Music Preview

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    Ice Cube is the next artist to be featured on VH1’s hit show Behind The Music. In this Behind The Music preview Ice Cube talks about how he discovered hip hop at 10 years old when his uncle who was actually a DJ took him [...]

    Beyoncé: Year of 4 – Documentary

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    In this short documentary Beyoncé reveals her year long journey that inspired the making of her recently released album 4. This short film gives a behind the scenes view of Beyoncé putting those hot dance moves together, video shoots around the world and more.  Beyoncé [...]

    Big Sean Explains His Feelings Working With Jay-Z & Kanye West

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    Big Sean spent a few minutes with AHH at the BET Awards this past weekend and explained how he felt about working with Kanye West and Jay-Z and how he idolized them growing up. Big Sean also explained the origins of his name.  Big Sean’s [...]