Does 50 Cent Get Too Much Credit For Killing Ja Rule’s Rap Career?

    Ja Rule Is Resting In Peace Somewhere But It Aint Because of 50

    Ja Rule Is Resting In Peace Somewhere But It Aint Because of 50

    Over the last couple of months we’ve had the luxury of observing the 50 cent versus Rick Ross rap beef.  50 Cent has thrown everything at Rick Ross from a sex tape with Rick Ross’ baby momma to super funny comics and videos depicting his nemesis.

    But no matter what punches 50 Cent has thrown at Rick Ross, Rick Ross keeps coming back.  Having a hot record hasn’t hurt either.

    Win or lose, Rick Ross deserves a lot of credit for standing toe to toe with 50 Cent since most rappers refuse to stand up to 50 Cent at all.

    Everyone seems to have their take on who’s winning this latest rap beef between 50 and Ross, but there are many warning to Rick Ross that he needs to chill out or become the next Ja Rule.

    Which brings us to the meat of our post.  Does 50 Cent Get too much credit for killing Ja Rule’s rap career?  Hip Hop MVP says, yes!

    There is no doubt many DJ’s took sides and refused to play Ja Rule’s songs because of the beef Ja had with Fifty, but really, wasn’t Ja Rule begining to play himself out?

    Every other song he came out with had a woman singing the hook from Ashanti to J-Lo.   His songs were repetitive.  He became obsessed with Tupac, so much he made an attempt to remake one of Tupac’s greatest song, Pain.

    His attempt to remake himself into Tupac may have done the most damage since most Tupac fans despised the fact Ja Rule was copying Pac so badly.  From Tupac’s dressing style, to even some of Tupac’s catch phrases Ja Rule bit it all.

    So looking back on it, was ending Ja Rule’s career such a hard thing for 50 cent to do?  We say no.

    If your music is good, people will buy it and listen to it.  No matter what the Djs are playing in the club or the radio.

    Ja Rule  just stopped making good music and instead of being an original act, he tried to reincarnate himself into a legend that would most likely smack him if he were alive today.

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