Does Eminem “Warning” Diss Track Make Him Really Seem Obsessed?

    Is Eminem Really Obsessed?

    Is Eminem Really Obsessed?

    Ok, Eminem shot back at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon with his “Warning” diss track.  It was hot.  The track went straight for Mimi’s jugular, but lets stop for  a minute and analyze what’s really going on here.

    Slim Shady tells Mariah to “Shut the F— up before he puts all the phone calls out she made to my house..”

    So Slim Shady saved the voicemail messages Mariah left on his voicemail box?  After all these years?

    It’s been a minute since him and Mariah allegedly hooked up, right?  … So you kept the voice mails?  Not a good look.

    “Mariah has it ever occurred to you I still have pictures…”  Wow, in most relationships go south the person that doesn’t want to let go tend to save pictures of when they were together.  Seriously, this don’t look good.  And we know a lot of Eminem lovers aren’t gonna feel this, but it don’t look good.

    Eminem also takes a few jabs at Nick Cannon saying “Faggot, you think I’m scared of you.  You gonna ruin my career, you better get one.  (That was funny) But everybody knows, when an ex isn’t over a relationship they hate their ex-lovers new love even more.  It’s looking worse, Em.

    Lastly, and we realize most Eminem lovers aren’t gonna like this, heck, we like the dude, but think about this.  Eminem is going back and forth with a woman.

    Mariah Carey isn’t even a rapper.  She didn’t even have enough backbone to say “Yeah, that’s Eminem in the video”.  This is a woman, Shady!!

    I Know You Can't Help Missing This

    I Know You Can't Help Missing This

    Let that crap go, and let Mariah go.  The longer you keep this beef going with Mariah, the worse it’s going to make you look.

    And if you keep it up you will start looking like your Obsessed.  This is a WARNING from a hip hop head.

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