Lupe Fiasco Calls President Obama The Biggest Terrorist in America…What? — Around The Crown

    Stupidity has taken the soul of another entertainer.  Stupidity’s latest victim: Lupe Fiasco.  Lupe Fiasco has always been known to speak his mind and spit a nice flow with a positive vibe.  That’s always been some of the things that made Fiasco unique.

    Today on CBS’ What’s Trending, Lupe scratched plenty of heads when he called the President of the United States, President Obama, the biggest terrorist in the United States.
    Dude, what did you just get finished smoking?  I want to know because I think it could make millions!
    But then the stupidity didn’t stop there, Lupe followed up one stupid statement with another by stating he doesn’t vote.  Lupe, saying you don’t vote in the same breath as calling President Obama the biggest terrorist in the United States makes you sound like a complete idiot. A super idiot.
    Lupe, for real dude, how in the world can you call President Obama the biggest terrorist in the United States when you don’t vote in the United States nor any other country?

    Lupe, when you say you don’t vote, all you’re telling me and the rest of the world,  is that you’re about as useful as a butt hole hanging from an elbow.
    To think, the hip hop world actually believed you were trying to kick knowledge for all these years when your response to the voting process is “I don’t vote. I don’t vote.  I don’t get involved with the political process.”  Lupe, not voting makes YOU one of the biggest terrorist in the United States.
    Lastly, on the What’s Trending interview Lupe Fiasco plugged his charity, The Lupe Fiasco Foundation of Chicago, in which he had the audacity to state the foundation supports “health, wellness and education”  Education!  Dude, please embezzle some of your own proceeds and get an education for yourself and stop spewing stupidity.

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