‘The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP’- Prodigy – New EP

    Prodigy from Mobb Deep is bringing real music back to the streets.  Here’s his latest EP, ‘The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP’.  Download link is below.


    1. The One & Only (Produced By Alchemist)
    2. Go Off (Produced By Sid Roams)
    3. Black Devil (Produced By Sid Roams)
    4. Twilight (Feat. Havoc) (Produced By Sid Roams)
    5. For One Night Only (Produced By Alchemist)
    6. Strong (Produced By King Benny)
    7. Told Ya’ll (Produced By Sid Roams) (Bonus)

    Download:’The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP’ – Prodigy – New EP

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