Kurupt – 2Pac Lit The Fire At Death Row

    BlaQKout from 2 West Coast Legends

    BlaQKout from 2 West Coast Legends

    West Coast rap legends Kurupt and DJ Quick recently sat down with the LA Times to discuss their new cd BlaQKout.  Kurupt was asked about 2Pac’s influence on him and his work ethic.  He said the following:

    “At Death Row, before 2Pac came, we used to sit there for whole days and only get a verse or two or one song done. We’d just be partying, smoking, chilling. Then Pac came in with an entire military mind-set. He taught us that it wasn’t a game and it was all about making as much music as you can find. We got into a pattern where we’d all of a sudden make two or three records a day. It was so much fun and it changed our entire mind-set. 2pac lit the fire at Death Row; he made us want to win the championship and make it really happen. We all loved him so much.”

    Kurupt and DJ Quick’s BlaQKout is out now.  For the full interview (click here)

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