50 Cent “Jay-Z’s The Coolest Punk In Hip Hop”

    "Jay Is The Coolest Punk In Hip Hop"

    "Jay Is The Coolest Punk In Hip Hop"

    50 Cent is at it again.  50 sat down on Hot 97 and had some things to say about Kanye West  and Jay-Z.  50 Cent was on a rampage this time around not only insinuating Kanye West is gay, but referring to Jay-Z as the coolest punk in hip hop.  Wow.  I wonder if Jigga will have something to say about 50 Cent’s comments since no one’s scared of 50 Cent.

    50 also said he didn’t think Eminem knew that all the artists that were on Drake’s “Forever” track and that Slim Shady isn’t to happy about it.

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