Bow Wow Questions His Next Moves In His Rap Career

    Bow Wow To Grand Hustle with T.I.?

    Bow Wow To Grand Hustle with T.I.?

    In a recent series of tweets, Bow Wow asked his twitter followers what his next moves in his rap career should be.

    The young rapper has seen better days when he was the child phenom of Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def, but the sells of his recent releases have been lackluster to say the least.

    Here are the tweets:

    “Or should I help jd rebuild so so def. Man up become a boss. And sign sum niggas that will bring us bk to da so so def yall luv n remember?”

    “How many yall think I should sign with atlantic records n get wit T.I.? Gand hustle homie! Mr kev liles hopefully ill see yall tuesday.”

    Bow Wow with T.I. on Grand Hustle?  They maybe ok…. Bow Wow back with JD?  That may be a better fit.

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