Bow Wow Seeks Support For Murdered Chicago Honor Student

    Bow Wow Seeks Support For Youth

    Bow Wow Seeks Support For Youth

    Bow Wow is making an attempt to reach out to fellow rappers and entertainers for support to the inner city youth.   This cry stems from the recent YouTube video showing the murder of honor student Derrion Albert.  The young man was walking home from school when he saw his friend being attacked by gang members. When he tried to help his friend he was brutally stomped, kicked and beaten with a two-by-four.

    What’s even more ironic about this situation is President Obama is overseas at this moment, trying to bring the Olympics to Chicago.  After watching this video, this is not a good look for Olympics hitting the windy city.

    Bow Wow tweets about the Murdered Chicago Honor Student:

    to the family of the victim if u need anything from me let me know, donation wateva it is i can do pls contact us. im taking a stand man!

    lets see if they respond. if people really wana help out. im tired of talking bout it. lets be about it! young people we can do dis. lets go

    all u rappers stuntin in yo videos talkin bout how much money u got man up n donate i dnt care if its a 1$ u can tip a stripper u can donate

    Ima reach out to my big homie NAS, see if he would like to help me out. i was gone post sum new music but as yall gone c im focused on this

    bou to get on the phone with global grind to help spread the word. ima use my power to try to let the youth know there is always a way

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