Canibus Seeks Peace With LL Cool J

    LL Please Make Music With Me.... I'm Sorry

    LL Please Make Music With Me.... I'm Sorry

    Yes, apparently pigs do fly.  Canibus told the Boston Herald in an interview, and we quote, “I just wish that today Cool J would man up and do some music with me.”

    Anyone reading this statement that knows the history of the Canibus and LL Cool J rap beef has got to be falling out of there chair and disgust should follow next.

    The whole beef started out of a collaboration LL did with Canibus.  LL felt disrespected when the rapper made reference to his mic tattoo on his arm and the beef was born.

    Canibus, young and hot headed, obviously felt this was his opportunity to shine and honestly made one of the greatest dis tracks of the 90’s, 2nd Round KO.  Canibus even had “Iron” Mike Tyson to help him out on the track.

    What makes today’s request even more sickening is the fact that Canibus hit LL so hard with that diss track, LL was never able to hit him back with a suitable diss track himself.

    LL Cool J made several attempts to get Canibus back musically and none of them equaled the shock value of 2nd Round KO.

    Canibus went on to make a quality cd, Can-I-Bus, that did pretty good but later disappeared in obscurity with several sub par releases.

    Now, Canibus has emerged from the shadows of the hip hop basement only to ask for a lyrical hand out from the man he disrespected over a decade ago.  Only one word can be uttered: WOW!

    Canibus went on to say: “All the A-List artists need to do a collaboration album with each other. All these homegrown MCs have now is media worldwide over-saturation with beef and wars on wax that spill over into an artist’s personal life. It’s time for all of us who carry the weight of failing hip-hop on our shoulders to unite on an album and give the people a united community to respect…I’ve responded to my criticism by making more and more music of exceptionally greater value every four quarters over the years. I’m getting better. This is definitely poetry delivered with the passion of battle.”

    Oh yeah, Canibus not only dissed LL Cool J, but he carried out a beef with Slim Shady, that he lost.

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