Eminem Better Than Jay-Z?

    Eminem's Relapse

    Eminem's Relapse

    Is Eminem better than Jay-Z?  According the record sales he is.   Eminem has sold  31,127,000 albums this decade compared to Jay-Z’s 19,379,000 based off sales tracking from Yahoo Music.  These totals make Eminem the best selling artist this decade in music overall and in hip-hop.

    Eminem’s latest album, “Relapse,” was released May 19th and sold 608,000 copies in its first week of release.

    These are legit record sales so they don’t include the bootlegs sold on the streets which would only make the gap between the two larger.  One word…Wow.  These sales not only make Slim Shady the greatest selling artist this decade but it makes Eminem hip hop’s Elvis Presley.

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