Fat Joe Responds To Recent 50 Cent Diss Video

    Fat Joe Responds

    Fat Joe Responds

    Fat Joe has finally responded to a recent 50Cent diss video.

    In the video 50 Cent claimed was rushed to the hospital due to a severe case of “noise poisoning” from listening to a leaked copy of Fat Joe’s upcoming cd J.O.S.E.2.

    To add insult to injury 50 Cent added a link from his website where pirated copies of Fat Joe’s cd could be downloaded.   Just above the download link to J.O.S.E.2 50 Cent warned “This Sucks!!! Download At Your Own Risk”

    Fat Joe recently responded in a tweet:

    “Tell 50 to get off my D*CK already he was sick that my album is SO HOT that real music not that wack sh*t him and his clowns are making!!”

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