Game Tested, Streets Approved Tracklist Revealed – Black Rob

    A Diddy-less Black Rob is back on the scene with his highly anticipated album Game Tested, Streets Approved.

    Black Rob’s latest album is expected to drop July 26th.  Here’s the full tracklist for Game Tested, Streets Approved including the iTunes bonus tracks.

    Black Rob – Game Tested, Streets Approved tracklist

    1. Welcome Back
    2. Boiling Water
    3. Bumpin
    4. Can’t Make It In NY
    5. Showin Up
    6. Celebration
    7. Wanna Get Dough
    8. Get Involved
    9. Sand to the Beach
    10. Made Me a Man
    11. F-ck Em
    12. This Is What It Is
    13. Up North – This Is What It Is
    14. No Fear (ft. Sean Price)

    Exclusive iTunes Bonus Tracks
    15. Sh-t (iTunes Bonus)
    16. Stand Off (iTunes Bonus)
    17. Nothin (iTunes Bonus)

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