Jay-Z Hints Race Behind Lil Mama/Taylor Swift VMA Incident Exposure

    Jay-Z speaking True Feelings?

    Jay-Z speaking True Feelings?

    Jay-Z called in to the Angie Martinez show and discussed the current success of his latest album ‘Blueprint 3′ and the incident with Lil’ Mama coming out on stage.

    What makes Jigga’s call in a little different this time around was his observation on how similar the Kanye West / Taylor Swift incident  was similar to his incident with Lil Mama coming out on stage as he performed but treated completely different.

    Jay-Z took note of how his incident was similar to the Kanye West interruption of Taylor Swift, but nobody seemed to care as much because (and these are Jigga’s words) “I actually thought it was the equivalent to what Kanye did to Taylor Swift but nobody really talked about that because I’m not a little sweet girl from the middle of America”

    Now this observation is a bit different than Jay-Z’s earlier comment about Kanye just being full of “passion” and he was wrong for what he did.  It now seems that from Jay-Z’s latest comments that he feels race or class might have had more to do with the exposure of Kanye’s interruption of Taylor Swift in comparison to Lil Mama coming out on stage as he performed.  He may have a point, but at the end of the day millions of people out there are going to ask who the heck is Lil Mama, when everybody knows who Kanye West is.

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