Jim Jones disses Jay-Z via Twitter

    That's Right Jay-Z Looks Old!

    That's Right Jay-Z Looks Old!

    Apparently Jim Jones still ain’t feeling Jay-Z.  And with Jay-Z’s controversial new song D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune) upsetting some artist, the rapper seized the moment to take a few jabs at Jigga via twitter.

    Here are the tweets as they were written by Jim Jones:

    “Above all summer jam was dope n I got to c jay z who refuse to get out of his van when he saw my pretty face we was mobbin he’s stil a sucka”

    “A old sucka lol we back and if he kilt outotune then we must be easter the resurection lol shouts to soldier boy tellem he ripped”

    “I saw jay z and tata they didn’t say nothin but sit they a** down when they saw the spartan 300s lol”

    “I’m glad to c I got evryone on twitters attention I love twitter its trouble maker good mornin evryone”

    Not trying to be funny but doesn’t Jim Jones look old enough to be Jay-Z’s father???

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