Kanye West Doesn’t Vote But More In Tune With Social Issues! HUH?

    Alright, so Kanye West was on interview with Devi Dev at 97.9’s  The Beat when she beat out of Kanye West some conversation about the president of the United States that called him an a*^hole.  No, that wasn’t Bush, that we know of, but it was instead the very first black president of the USA, Barack Obama.

    The conversation went down like Devi Dev asks Kanye what he thinks about President Obama’s presidency so far?  Note this question Dev asks is terrific for it is election time, and everyone wants/has a voice in the issues – or so we thought.  Here is Kanye’s answer to the question in part:

    I don’t feel I have to spread myself out over so many different types of subjects that are not my interest…I’m interested in the social, I’m interested in the people, but I’m not interested in politics.

    Then Devi Dev asked Kanye if he voted, and he answered no. No he doesn’t vote.

    Listen to the entire cut:

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    Question:  Where is this socially people interested and caring man then if he doesn’t vote nor care about politics!  They go hand in hand man!  Real talking, where did that political interest go, especially all that opinion that he had about the bad President BUSH.  It’s everywhere  on the web that he called Bush a racist, thus, doing a horrible job in office, but can’t comment on President Obama?  Kanye West no comment?  Peep this video below from way back when Katrina tore through New Orleans and the surrounding areas.  Does this look like a man who doesn’t follow everything and spread himself thin in areas he doesn’t belong while keeping his opinions to himself?

    What is really holding Kanye West back from voting even?  That is such a slap in the face to the people who even buy his records, thumping his music in the cars they may lose because he isn’t speaking when he maybe should speak up!  ELECTION TIME!  Do that instead of grabbing the microphone on Taylor Swift.  Personally, what Kanye said on the above clip was true.  This is when he should have gone off script no matter what, but now, all his trash talk is about empty vanity in retaliation of people only dissing HIM.  Again, it is back on self.

    Sure, Kanye may have all the money in the world and could care less who wins any election, but at the end of the day, that helps no one but HIMSELF.  Everyone else he claims to care about socially may actually need that vote that he could care less to give!  It would not effect him one way or another though, right, because again, all about YE!  Bring that old Kanye back, but with tact and less ego along with the music.

    Along with that, bring Jesus back over the game, too, because ever since he severed elevating His Name in the game, his whole walk has had a limp.  Talking about he cares about people.  GO VOTE.  SAY SOMETHING WORTHWHILE at the right time.  That passion is a waste if it isn’t channeled the right way.  The big difference between a fireworks display in celebration and a suicide bomb.  They both blow but what is the result?

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