Lil Kim Responds To Roman’s Revenge: Says She’ll Kill Nicki Minaj With Her Old Stuff!

    Yeah, we had to clean up the title a bit, but apparently Lil’ Kim was contacted at the Old Rapper’s retirement home and someone told her Nicki Minaj was talking about her in Roman’s Revenge, Nicki Minaj’s latest track from Pink Friday featuring Eminem.

    This bit of information has gotten the Queen Bee mad again and now she has some more Nicki Minaj dissing to do.

    Lil Kim went as far as saying “I will erase this b-tch’s social security number, first of all I don’t even need a record right now and I’d kill that b!tch with my old sh!t.”

    After Roman’s Revenge leaked, Nicki Minaj claimed she wasn’t referring to Lil’ Kim in the verse about old, washed-up rappers.

    But now it looks like Minaj has given Lil’ Kim the perfect opportunity to appear relevant in hip hop again.  Let the beef begin!


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