Lil Kim Talks Nicki Minaj Beef On The Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show – States Diddy Lacks Loyalty!

by Hip Hop Music on 02/14/2011

Nicki Minaj talks the origins of her beef with Nicki Minaj and Cash Money on the Cipha Sounds And Rosenberg Show on Hot 97.

Lil Kim basically states Baby and Cash Money used her to put Nicki Minaj on.  Lil Kim also states Nicki Minaj wants to be the only Female rapper in the game.

Kim also talks about meeting Nicki Minaj and how Nicki requested to take a picture with her.  Kim also states Nicki Minaj is really 30 years old.

Lil Kim also talks about how disrespectful she thinks Diddy is for working with Nicki Minaj after Nicki has been dissing her so much.

Lil Kim’s Black Friday Mixtape is out now.

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SHE February 24, 2011 at 10:43 am

personally, i tnk lil kim is done for and just needs something (nicki) to bring her back on. its general knowledge dt newborns pick up frm whr d old ones left it, they dont go back to strt buildn again, so wot if u originated d black barbie? big deal! wot were u doing wt it b4 nicki came in? u were lettn it die already! so pleeease, get ur sagged-silicone bra-lifted boobs off ma news, biatch! suck it up and grow up.

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