Mariah Carey Disses Eminem….We Guess

    Slim Shady Melts In My Mouth

    Slim Shady Melts In My Mouth

    Don’t call it a come back… yeah, really, don’t call it a come back.

    Mariah Carey was spotted by the paparazzi getting into her limo and one of the camera guys yelled out, “What do you think about all of the things Eminem’s saying?”

    At first Mariah said “Who?” as if she didn’t know.

    Then she closed with what had to be the wackest comeback ever, she said, “I don’t eat candy!”

    Wow, Mimi, you couldn’t do any better that?  What?  Were you trying to call Slim Shady sweet?  What again?

    Let’s kill the Mariah, Nick and Eminem drama already!

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