Nas Speaks on Blueprint 3, Def Jam and Jay-Z

    Nas recently sat down for an interview after a concert in London.  He was asked about what records has inspired him this year and he answered that Jay-Z’s and Raekwon’s new joints has inspired him the most.

    The really weird moment in the interview aroused when the interviewer asked Nas about not appearing on Blueprint 3’s, ‘Empire State of Mind’ and Nas smiled and simply said “What’s the next question.”  Not sure what to make of that, but there was a definite pause from editing in the video after he said it.  So only the editor of the the video knows if there were any comments made after that, maybe like a joke or something.

    He also spoke on Kanye’s behavior at the VMA’s, citing “No one can understand him but him“.  Nas also talked about his new album in which he hopes to drop this year.

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