Nelly 5.0 Tracklist Revealed!

    Nelly’s new album is sure to be a hot one.  Here’s a look at the tracks that are set to be included on the album.  Nelly 5.0 drops November 16th.

    1. I’m Number 1 (feat. Baby and DJ Khaled)
    2. Long Gone (feat. Chris Brown and Piles)
    3. She’s So Fly (feat. T.I.)
    4. Just a Dream
    5. Making Movies
    6. Move That Body (feat. T-Pain and Akon)
    7. 1000 Stacks (feat. Diddy & Notorious B.I.G.)
    8. Gone (feat. Kelly Rowland)
    9. Don’t It Feel Good
    10. Broke (feat. Yo Gotti & Sophie Greene)
    11. Live Tonight
    12. Nothing Without Her
    13. Go
    14. If I Gave You One (feat. Avery Storm)
    15. Kissing You (feat. Dirty Money)

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