Nicki Minaj T Magazine BHS Photoshoot: Says Lil’ Kim Can Be A Nasty Character

    Nicki Minaj Says Lil' Kim Can Be A Nasty Character

    Here’s the behind the scenes video for Nicki Minaj’s photo shoot for T Magazine. She was asked a series of questions about her album, her style and her documentary.  The most interesting question asked was about her beef with Lil’ Kim:

    That brings up an interesting point because I would be pretty remiss not to mention your spat with Lil’ Kim. When she badmouths you and others doesn’t that just make it even harder for female rappers?

    It does, it does. But the thing that I want to promote is that if you see someone doing their thing, give them their props. We all have it hard and face the same challenges as female emcees. Show some mutual love and respect for each other so that it doesn’t get nasty. And she can be a nasty character.

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