PETA wants T.I. To Bare It All

    The heads at PETA have been contacting Atlanta rap icon T.I. at his Arkansas cell attempting to get the hip hop star to bare it all once he’s released from the big house.

    T.I., who is currently serving his five month prison term, allegedly asked Martha Stewart for advise on how to make time go by faster while being locked up.

    T.I. baring it all?

    T.I. baring it all?

    Stewart was locked up for several months herself back in 2004 and agreed to host a video for PETA that addressed the suffering of animals on fur farms.

    The Exec. Vice President of PETA, Tracy Reiman, states “We’re asking T.I. to use his fame and his experiences to bare the truth about the fur industry by baring his skin.”

    There’s no word if the southern rap star has agreed to bare it all for PETA, but anything iPETA wants T.I. Nudes possible.  We really don’t have a comment about this one.

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