Rihanna Diss Song About Chris Brown: FAKE!

    I Haven't Dissed Chris.... YET!!!

    I Haven't Dissed Chris.... YET!!!

    Publicists for Rihanna and Lady Gaga have released statements that the song “Silly Boy” is a fake.  The song was not made by Rihanna and is not a Chris Brown diss song.

    The song was posted on Kanye West’s website, kanyeuniversecity.com on Monday.

    The song is a about a woman dissing a guy trying to get back with her after making several mistakes in their relationship.

    There is nothing in the song that’s directed to Chris Brown.  The song had been rumored to be authored by Rihanna in response to the recently leaked nude photos of the pop star.

    “The song is a fake… It’s not Lady Gaga,” Lady Gaga’s rep announced.

    It’s clear that the song made no reference to Chris Brown, now we all see where assumptions lead.  Rihanna has yet to make an official statement about her altercation with Chris Brown a few months ago.

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