Stephon Marbury Lashes Out At Jay-Z

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    Jigga Said My Name

    Ok, I’m not sure when grown men are going to stop beefing with other grown men about mentioning their names in rap music or any other everyday activity, but Stephon Marbury is making sure it doesn’t stop today.  Here’s Stephon Marbury lashing out at Jay-Z for speaking his name in one of his raps.

    Now, if we want to be loony about it, we can side with “Starbury” because the world knows Jigga nor any rapper with a brain is gonna kill anybody, but Marbury, come on, it’s a rap.  The stuff done in rap music ranks up there with Santa Claus, or the boogeyman.

    Also, Starbury, you shouldn’t be calling dudes out being all strapped in the backseat like a toddler.  Please, NBA, somebody pick this dude up next season.  He has too much time on his hands.

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