T.I. Ordered Back To Prison, Sentenced to 11 Months

    T.I. Goes Back To Jail..... Again!

    I’m not certain what a rapper’s fascination is with going to prison after they’ve made it big, but to no surprise here’s another one back on his way to the slammer. T.I. “Clifford Harris” is headed back to prison for 11 months due to his parole violation last month where the rapper and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, were pulled over in a traffic stop and police discovered drugs on both of them.

    Prosecutors originally requested to have the Atlanta rapper to serve two years for his latest violation, but the judge decided to just give T.I. 11 months.  Talking about dodging a bullet!  Anybody ever notice how when one rapper is on the brink of getting out of prison ( let’s say Lil’ Wayne for instance) another rapper goes right back into prison to take the last artist’s place?  Let’s cut out the foolish guys, it’s hard to get collaborations done at this rate!

    It’s been said T.I. has two weeks to turn himself in.

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