Willie D Facing Serious Time

    I'm Still Going Out Like A Soldier

    I'm Still Going Out Like A Soldier

    Geto Boys member and CEO of Relentless Entertainment, Willie D, was arrested by the FBI on wire fraud charges Wednesday night at George Bush International Airport.

    The Geto Boys member is accused of being at the center of a scheme to sell Apple Iphones on eBay.

    The arrest warrent alleges that Willie D and his company Texas One Wireless, sold the iPhones and other electronics on ebay.

    After their buyers paid for the product Willie D would send tracking numbers for the packages but never send the items. Eventually the buyers wouldn’t get any feedback on the status of their items at all.

    Willie D. faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

    It makes you think, “What do they do with their money?”

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