Big Pun

    Big Pun Tribute – DJ Soul – New Mixtape

    Hip Hop Mixtapes

    This mixtape by DJ Soul was originally suppose to drop last year, which was the 10th anniversary of Big Pun’s passing.  Although a year later, this mixtape is banging with hits.  DJ Soul also plans to release the mixtape on iTunes and disperse the proceeds [...]

    Snoop Dogg Speaks On Big Pun’s Legacy, Mentions the Stain On Tupac’s & Big’s

    Hip Hop News

    I’m loving this video from the start. Snoop speaks on Big Pun’s legacy but makes the truest statement I’ve heard in hip hop since the death of Tupac and Biggie.  “A lot of people doing songs with Tupac and Biggie, they would’ve never f–‘d with,”  [...]