Black Friday

    Nicki Minaj Lil’ Kim Diss Track Snippet Leaks – Tragedy

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    After months of listening to Lil' Kim take jabs and punches at Nicki Minaj, and releasing her Black Friday mix-tape, we knew this would be coming eventually.  The first musical response to Lil' Kim's Nicki Minaj bashing has finally leaked in the form of a [...]

    Did Lil’ Kim Lie About “Black Friday” Mixtape Sales? (Photos Don’t Lie!)

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    Okay, we're going to put the 113,000 "Black Friday" mixtape sales controversy to rest once and for all.  Below are the snap shots of the Lil' Kim's merchant link for Paypal and her actually click-stream.  We'll let you be the judge, but according to the [...]

    Nicki Minaj Responds To Lil Kim Alleged 100K Black Friday Mixtape Sales???

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    Shortly after Lil Kim tweeted she sold 113,000 copies of her "Black Friday" mixtape and almost broke down Paypal.  Nicki Minaj took to twitter with somewhat of a response to the groundbreaking mixtape sales of "Black Friday".  Here are the tweets:

    Lil Kim Tweets “Black Friday” Mixtape Sold over 100K copies in 28 Hours

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    Lil Kim Tweets "Black Friday" Mixtape Sold over 100K copies in 28 Hours That's right, Lil Kim states her mixtape onslaught agains Nicki Minaj sold an outstanding 113,000 copies in just over 28 hours. The "Black Friday" has been available for purchase via or [...]

    Lil Kim’s Black Friday Mixtape Cover Shows Headless Nicki Minaj

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    Lil' Kim has taken her beef with Nicki Minaj to the next level.  Check out her cover to her "Black Friday" mixtape and if you missed it, look behind her real good.  That's poor headless Nicki Minaj.  LOL!  A response from Nicki should be coming [...]

    Lil’ Kim – Black Friday – Official Artwork

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    Lil Kim's Black Friday mix-tape drops February 14th, just in time for Valentines Day. Here's the official artwork for the Lp.