Was Nick Cannon Wrong For Calling Out Eminem?

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    It has made headlines all over the web, Nick Cannon calling out Eminem for dissing him and his wife Mariah Carey on his new cd Relapse. Some of the song lyrics are as follows:

    Eminem Warned About Diet

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    Word has it Eminem has been warned about his crash dieting practices. The 36 year old rapper has been on a crash diet in an attempt to trim down some extra pounds he's picked up while out of the spotlight.

    Canibus Seeks Peace With LL Cool J

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    Yes, apparently pigs do fly. Canibus told the Boston Herald in an interview, and we quote, "I just wish that today Cool J would man up and do some music with me."

    The Eminem Show Hits Marvel Comics

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    That's right, Marshall Mathers is teaming up with Marvel Comics for a special edition Punisher Comic Book.

    50 Cent Declares More Eminem Diss Tracks On The Way

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    50 Cent has declared "Eminem's Amy Winehouse Diss Track is just the start" 50 Cent goes on the record to say "We Made You" is just one of many headliners on his buddy Eminem's newest cd 'Relapse'.