Game To Play BA in A-Team Movie?

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    I pity the fool who’s about to let the Game play the role of BA in the upcoming A-Team feature movie. The Game, who’s most famous for his flip flop beefs with 50 Cent, Dr. Dre and any other rapper of the month is being rumored as having the role that made Mr. T famous. I don’t really know how to call this since Game can’t really act and not being able to act never really stopped Mr. T.

    Ja Rule Denies 50 Cent Slam in Mafia Music Remix

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    Ja Rule, Game and Fat Joe join Rick Ross on the remix to Mafia Music. The remix jacks 50’s flow from “Majic Stick” and although Ja Rule’s verse sounds like it’s a stab at 50 Cent, the rapper claims he’s not trying to rehash any old beefs.

    Game Working With Rick Ross But Not To Diss 50 Cent

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    Game recently told that he is working on a collaboration with Rick Ross and it’s just going to be about hip hop, not dissing 50 Cent.