Heavy D

    Big Daddy – Heavy D – Hip Hop Flashback

    Hip Hop Culture Hip Hop Flashback

    Today’s hip hop flashback is honor of the late great hip hop artist, Heavy D. No, Heavy D didn’t rap about hurting or killing nobody, he just made that feel good music that a lot of the hip hop i culture is missing these days.  [...]

    Heavy D Passes Away

    Hip Hop News

    Hip hop legend Heavy D passed away today.  Real name, Dwight Arrington Myers, was rushed to the hospital today around noon and was pronounced dead at 1pm as reported by TMZ. Heavy D was  44 years old.  Heavy D brought us such hits as “Now [...]

    Official Video – Heavy D – No Matter What

    Hip Hop Music

    Yo, just when you thought the end of the world was near, Heavy D shows back up. This is Heavy D’s new single “No Matter What” off his cd Vibe, released late last year. The vid and single is pretty hot. Check it out!