Ice Cube

    Ice Cube Talks Problems With The Police


    Ice Cube plays the part of Captain Dixon in the new movie 21 Jumpstreet with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. During Cube’s interview on the Jimmy Kimmel show he’s asked about how odd it was for him to portray the part of a police officer [...]

    Ice Cube Reveals How He Discovered Hip Hop – Behind The Music Preview

    Hip Hop Culture Hip Hop News

    Ice Cube is the next artist to be featured on VH1’s hit show Behind The Music. In this Behind The Music preview Ice Cube talks about how he discovered hip hop at 10 years old when his uncle who was actually a DJ took him [...]

    Ice Cube Talks About His Role In 21 Jump Street Remake

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    Man, you know it’s getting bad when the movies start remaking television shows. Here’s Ice Cube discussing his role in the upcoming remake of 21 Jump Street.  Ice Cube plays the role of Captain Dickson.

    “You Know Me” – WC ft. Ice Cube & Maylay – Official Video

    Hip Hop Music Videos

    With “Revenge of the Barracuda dropping on March 8th, WC went ahead and blessed us with the official video to “You Know Me”, featuring Ice Cube and Maylay.  Check out the video below.

    U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer – Hip Hop Flashback

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    That’s right Hip Hop Flashback is turning it back to MC Hammer. MC Hammer was one of the most successful rappers in hip hop history, and he was one of the most hated on.  Hammer was hated on and had beef with quite a few [...]