Ja Rule

    Ja Rule Shoots Diss To Prodigy’s Book & Claims

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    Ja Rule did an interview with VLADTV just before he started his prison bid and gave some insight on how he feels about Prodigy’s book, My Infamous Life.  “I wouldn’t name a book  My Infamous Life and talk about everybody else’s life” –What a line, [...]

    Ja Rule Explains His Tax Problems, New Album & Jail Sentence –Does Best To Not Talk About 50 Cent

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    Ja Rule called into the Jenny Boom Boom radio show and talked about his upcoming album, Pain Is Love 2, jail time and 50Cent. Rule explained his situation with the IRS and his taxes and he also talked about the documentary about his life that [...]

    Ja Rule Talks New Album & His Own Reality Show

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    Ja Rule is trying to put out work before he starts that 2 year bid on gun charges.  In this video Ja Rule addresses the rap game as a whole, his upcoming albums, and his reality show.

    Ja Rule & 50 Cent Beef Re-emerges Via Twitter After Ja Rule Jail Sentencing

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    Some may call it 50 Cent being 50 Cent, but no matter how you look it, it’s kind of foul to kick a man while he’s down.  Shortly after Ja Rule’s sentencing was revealed all over the net the G-Unit head added his two cents [...]

    Ja Rule Set To Serve Two Years In Prison

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    Apparently rappers getting sent to prison in 2010 is a hot new fad.  The latest rapper going to the slammer, Ja Rule.  Ja Rule’s trip to court went downhill when a judge told him he would have to serve at least two years in prison [...]

    Ja Rule Sighting!: Summerbeatz 2010 In Australia

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    Yes, we found Ja Rule.  The Murder Inc. alum was sited at Summerbeatz 2010 down under in Australia.  Doing what else but spitting verses from his past hits.  Ja Rule come back home!  We miss your Tupac impressions.

    Pieces – Ja Rule – New Video

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    Here’s a new video from Ja Rule called Pieces.

    Ja Rule Kicks It With Kid Rock While Speaking on Def Jam

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    Here’s a short snippet of Ja Rule And Kid Rock discussing Def Jam. Man, where has Ja Rule been all these years?

    Ja Rule Talks 50 Cent Beef & New Record

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    Ja Rule recently sat down with Rhyme & Reason Magazine and discussed his beef with 50 Cent and info about his new LP. Ja says he’s really not into beefing with 50 now, but it didn’t stop him from throwing a few jabs at Curtis, [...]

    Does 50 Cent Get Too Much Credit For Killing Ja Rule’s Rap Career?

    Around The Crown

    Over the last couple of months we’ve had the luxury of observing the 50 cent versus Rick Ross rap beef. 50 Cent has thrown everything at Rick Ross from a sex tape with Rick Ross’ baby momma to super funny comics and videos depicting his nemesis.