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Tweet What’s beef?  Beef is when Ms. Wallace removes Lil Kim from Monica’s next single using samples from Biggie’s Who Shot Ya.  Anything (To Find You) was suppose to feature Monica, Rick Ross and Lil Kim. But Miss Wallace, who controls Biggie’s estate wasn’t feeling the inclusion of Lil Kim so she had Kim removed […]


Tweet Lil Kim is about to shut it down in Zimbabwe May 28th. It’s all apart of her Zarfest Tour she’s featured in and it includes Ciara, Lil Kim Fat Joe and Timbaland. Here’s Lil Kim’s sideways shout out to the people of Zimbabwe in preparation to her Zarfest appearance.


Lil Kim Vs. Nicki Minaj Battle Rap Cartoon Parody

by Hip Hop Music on 05/12/2011

Tweet The guys at Be Your Own Boss Entertainment nailed the Nicki Minaj / Lil Kim beef right on the head with this cartoon parody.  Check out the video below.

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Tweet After months of listening to Lil’ Kim take jabs and punches at Nicki Minaj, and releasing her Black Friday mix-tape, we knew this would be coming eventually.  The first musical response to Lil’ Kim’s Nicki Minaj bashing has finally leaked in the form of a snippet and from the sound of things it’s going […]


Lil Kim’ – ‘Carbon Copy’ Documentary

by Hip Hop Music on 02/23/2011

Tweet As the one-sided beef between Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj takes a slide to the boring side, here’s Lil’ Kim latest shot at Nicki.  This is suppose to be an documentary expose of how Nicki Minaj is an “imitation” of Lil Kim.  This video mostly contains voice overs of Lil Kim’s radio interviews about […]


Black Friday – Lil Kim – Official Music Video

by Hip Hop Music on 02/17/2011

Tweet Here’s the official video for  Lil Kim’s Black Friday.  This is the first single off of Lil Kim’s Black Friday mixtape which is only available through PayPal.  Lil Kim picked out her best Nicki Minaj impersonator and did here thing. Watch Lil Kim’s latest attack on Nicki Minaj below.  The Lil Kim – Nicki […]


Tweet Okay, we’re going to put the 113,000 “Black Friday” mixtape sales controversy to rest once and for all.  Below are the snap shots of the Lil’ Kim’s merchant link for Paypal and her actually click-stream.  We’ll let you be the judge, but according to the stats she only received 27,284 clicks.  Now that’s not […]


Tweet Shortly after Lil Kim tweeted she sold 113,000 copies of her “Black Friday” mixtape and almost broke down Paypal.  Nicki Minaj took to twitter with somewhat of a response to the groundbreaking mixtape sales of “Black Friday”.  Here are the tweets:


Tweet Lil Kim Tweets “Black Friday” Mixtape Sold over 100K copies in 28 Hours That’s right, Lil Kim states her mixtape onslaught agains Nicki Minaj sold an outstanding 113,000 copies in just over 28 hours. The “Black Friday” has been available for purchase via or from direct link from Lil Kim’s twitter page.  The […]


Tweet Nicki Minaj talks the origins of her beef with Nicki Minaj and Cash Money on the Cipha Sounds And Rosenberg Show on Hot 97. Lil Kim basically states Baby and Cash Money used her to put Nicki Minaj on.  Lil Kim also states Nicki Minaj wants to be the only Female rapper in the […]

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