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    Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed” Eminem Diss?

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    Mariah Carey just dropped her single "Obsessed" today. Sounds like it's a clear diss to Mr. Slim Shady. Check it out here:

    Mariah Carey Disses Eminem….We Guess

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    Don't call it a come back... yeah, really, don't call it a come back.

    Mariah Carey was spotted by the paparazzi getting into her limo and one of the camera guys yelled out, "What do you think about all of the things Eminem's saying?"

    Was Nick Cannon Wrong For Calling Out Eminem?

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    It has made headlines all over the web, Nick Cannon calling out Eminem for dissing him and his wife Mariah Carey on his new cd Relapse. Some of the song lyrics are as follows:

    Nick Cannon’s New Job

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    Besides being involved with a new rap beef with Eminem, it looks like it's good to be Nick Cannon.