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    Will.I.Am Has No Plans To Release Unreleased Music With Michael Jackson

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    Will.I.Am took a few minutes and discussed his feelings about releasing the music he produced with Michael Jackson prior to his death.  Will states he just wouldn’t  feel right about releasing the music he and Jackson produced since MJ isn’t here to oversee the finished [...]

    T-Pain Ditches Auto-Tune For Billie Jean?

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    That’s right, there’s been a T-Pain sighting?  Big deal, right?  Well, this T-Pain sighting has the Tallahassee rapper ditching his auto-tune machine and performing ‘Billie Jean’ as a Michael Jackson tribute.  T-Pain even shows off his MJ moves.

    LL Cool J Says Michael Jackson Wrote Him A Song In His Dream

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    LL Cool J is back on the scene with a remix of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.

    LL recently told Billboard, “After hearing the tragic news of Michael Jackson’s death, the lyrics for the ‘Billie Jean’ remix came to me in a dream,” LL Cool J said. “Michael was one of my childhood idols and has always been a great inspiration to me.”

    Kanye West Say’s He Never Said He Wanted To Be The New “King Of Pop”

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    The whole world knows Kanye West has a huge ego. Heck, even Ye knows he has a huge ego. But would his ego take him as far as saying he would like to be the new “King Of Pop”? Apparently not. Kanye West posted on [...]

    Kanye West Wants To Be The New “KING OF POP”

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    Yes, the latest news from EGO International is hip hop star Kanye West wants to be known as the new “King Of Pop”. There are even reports swirling around that Kanye has went as far as making attempts to get permission from the Jackson family to use the term. Here are the words as only Mr. West can speak them:

    Lil’ Wayne Calls Michael Jackson A Fag In Freestyle

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    Lil’ Wayne was caught on Ustream chillin’ and freestylin distasteful lyrics calling the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson a fag.  Very disrespectful of the New Orleans rapper to say the least. He also rambles on about Pepsi burning up MJ.  Lil’ Wayne looses a bunch [...]

    Akon Talks Doing Music With Michael Jackson

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    Akon recently did an interview on the Today show and discussed his experience with working with Michael Jackson. Akon was clearly shaken up when reminiscing of his time with the King of Pop. Akon was slated to appear on the Michael Jackson comeback LP.

    50 Cent Drops Michael Jackson Tribute Song

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    First of all, RIP Michael Jackson. You were the greatest period. No one will ever be like you, nor touch the lives of people the way you did.

    Here’s 50’s tribute song, dropped shortly after the news of Michael Jackson’s passing.