RZA Wants Chris Brown in “The Last Dragon” remake

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    I holla’d at Chris and he seemed very interested,” said RZA while speaking to XXL. “I never—I didn’t holla at Rihanna. But I holla’d at Chris one day. You know we came across each other in the studio, and I saw him at one of those award shows, and I said, ‘I really got you at the top of the list to bring this character back’ and he said—that he actually loved the character. He said he loved Bruce Lee and he’s a fan of THE LAST DRAGON. I was like, wow, that’s cool cause there’s four of us that votes on it, but my vote is on him.”

    Chris Brown Speaks – He Ain’t A Monster!

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    Chris Brown recently posted a video plugging his new album. This is the first time the slugger has spoken to the public since the alleged Rihanna beat down. He had a few choice words for all the haters.

    Rihanna Diss Song About Chris Brown: FAKE!

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    Publicists for Rihanna and Lady Gaga have released statements that the song "silly Boy" is a fake. The song was posted on Kanye West's website, kanyeuniversecity.com on Monday.