Lil’ Kim Sideways Shout Out To The People Of Zimbabwe

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    Lil Kim is about to shut it down in Zimbabwe May 28th. It’s all apart of her Zarfest Tour she’s featured in and it includes Ciara, Lil Kim Fat Joe and Timbaland. Here’s Lil Kim’s sideways shout out to the people of Zimbabwe in preparation [...]

    “90” – Timbaland ft. Sincere – New Music

    Hip Hop Music

    Okay, we’re going to just stop calling Timbaland’s new music “Timbaland Thursdays”.  I can’t remember when Tim actually realsed on Thursday.  Here’s Timbalands latest unreleased track featuring Sincere.  Listen below. [audio:http://hiphopmvp.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Timbaland-Sincere-90-Hip-Hop-MVP.mp3|titles=Timbaland-Sincere – 90 – Hip Hop MVP]

    ‘Slow Down’ – Blind Fury/ Timbaland – New Music Timbaland Thursdays

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    Timbaland brings a brand new track this Timbaland Thursday with him rapping as another rapper called Blind Fury. We won’t even try to explain it as Timbaland didn’t bother to explain it himself.  Nevertheless, “Slow Down” is a pretty good track, have a listen below. [...]

    “Hot Mess” – Timbaland ft. J’Royal Price & Jimmy Codean – New Music

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    Late but here, here’s Timbaland’s latest Timbaland Thursdays released.  It’s called “Hot Mess”, featuring J’Royal Price & Jimmy Codean. [audio:http://hiphopmvp.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Timbaland-Feat-J_Royal-Price-JimmyCodean-Hot-Mess.mp3|titles=Timbaland Feat J_Royal Price & JimmyCodean – Hot Mess]

    “Mentally” – Timbaland ft. Lyrica Anderson – Timbaland Thursdays, New Track!

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    This Thursday Timbaland decided to drop a new joint featuring the vocals of Lyrica Anderson. Check out “Mentally”, Timbaland’s latest release below. [audio:http://hiphopmvp.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Timbaland-Feat.-Lyrica-Anderson-Mentally.mp3|titles=Timbaland Feat. Lyrica Anderson – Mentally – Hip Hop MVP]

    You Lied, You Cheated – Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson – Timbaland Thursday, New Music!

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    Timbaland reunites with Keri Hilson with his latest release for Timbaland Thursdays.  Keri Hilson sings the hook for “You Lied, You Cheated“.  Check out the song below. [audio:http://hiphopmvp.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/You-Lied-You-Cheated.mp3|titles=You Lied, You Cheated – Timbaland – Hip Hop MVP]

    ‘808’ -Timbaland ft. Brandy – Timbaland Thursdays, New Track

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    It’s Thursday and you know what that means.  It’s time for another hit track from Timbaland and his Timbaland Thursdays.  This week Timbaland laces a track with R&B queen, Brandy. Check out this new track. [audio:http://hiphopmvp.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Timbaland-Feat.-Brandy-808-.mp3|titles=Timbaland Feat. Brandy – 808 – Hip Hop MVP]