J Cole Shoots Diss At Soulja Boy For Juice Movie Remake?!

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    It seems like everybody is feeling some type of way when it comes to Soulja Boy and the Juice movie remake.  Next rapper with opinion–J.Cole.  Check out the video at one of J Cole’s shows.

    Juice — Soulja Boy – New Mixtape

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    Soulja Boy’s latest mixtape, ‘Juice’, brings back a little bit of hip hop nostalgia with it’s album cover. Although Soulja Boy is definitely not 2Pac, he is a hard working rapper similar to Pac, like his music or not. Download link to Soulja Boys’ latest [...]

    New Tupac Movie To Begin Shooting

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    A new biopic about the life of hip hop legend Tupac Shakur is set to begin shooting this summer.  The Biopic will chronicle Shakur’s life as an up and coming rapper, his time in prison and his successful and wild times at Death Row Records. [...]

    Snoop Dogg Speaks On Big Pun’s Legacy, Mentions the Stain On Tupac’s & Big’s

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    I’m loving this video from the start. Snoop speaks on Big Pun’s legacy but makes the truest statement I’ve heard in hip hop since the death of Tupac and Biggie.  “A lot of people doing songs with Tupac and Biggie, they would’ve never f–‘d with,”  [...]

    Tupac Talks On Phone With Suge, Vibe Lost Interview pt. 5

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    This snippet is probably one that gives out the least information yet.  Looks like there was some down time during the interview and Tupac got on the phone with Suge Knight.