Yung Berg

    72 HRS – Yung Berg – Official Video

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    Yung Berg has gotten himself a brand new chain and a brand new video.  Here's the latest video from Yung Berg, "72 HRS", directed by Scenario.

    Yung Berg’s Bat-Man Chain Shows Up…. In His Robber’s Hands

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    Okay Yung Berg, I'm going to need for you to do two things. First, stop getting expensive chains depicting animated characters. And second, stop wearing jewelry, period! It's like you're buying jewels for other people. Here's the pictures of Yung Berg's latest stolen chain (the [...]

    Yung Berg Gets Jabbed In The Back Of His Head Outside of LA Store

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    Man what is really going on? Young Berg gets straight jabbed outside of Stussy in LA by some dude. Does anybody respect a rapper's street cred anymore. Oops, we are talking about Young Berg, aren't we? Oh well, you can't just be jabbing rappers on [...]